Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.

On Saturday Zafreenís family, along with Honey and Jewel, went to the movies.  Honey and Jewel were quick to notice how people stared at them as they walked by but they also noticed other Muslim families.  Some were dressed in traditional clothing of their countries; others were dressed in Western clothing.  Zafreenís mother had told them that since they were non-Muslims that they only had to wear hijab in the mosque.  They both knew that the mosque was the central part of the Muslim community and that women and girls wore hijab in the mosque to pray and as a sign of respect for being in a house of God. 

            Mosques served as places of worship, a community building and sometimes served as a school.  They had learned that some mosques only had activities for men and boys but there were other mosques that had activities for both men and women.  Some mosques in North America did not allow women to enter.  This was confusing for Jewel and Honey because Zafreenís mother had told them that Allah said in the Quran not to prohibit the female slaves from entering the mosque.