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Meet the Jumpers

Time Jumpers is a series of children historical fiction books where 
eight children travel through time to different periods.
These children not only jump through time 
but are also shifters and elementals.
Each has a horse corresponding to their element.
Meet them below.

Kaysan Inferno-A ten year old with long red hair and amber eyes.  His element is fire.

Toma Spring-A ten year old girl with waist length blond hair and dark blue eyes who is Russian.  Her element is water.

Kele Terra-A ten year old boy, is native american, with black hair and brown eyes.  His element is earth.

Azura Spirit-A ten year old girl with waist length silver hair and violet eyes.  Her element is air.

Taima Tempest-A ten year old boy with short brown hair and gray eyes.  His element is lightning.

Akiko Wynter-A ten year old girl with chest length white hair and  light blue eyes, she is Japanese and albino. Her element is ice.

Anemone Void -A ten year old boy with strawberry blond hair and black eyes.  His element is aether.

Shizen Ivanov-A ten year old girl with auburn hair and jade eyes.  Her element is plant.