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Silent Stalker

 Poetic inspiration, Explosive thought, Impeccable, Skillfully blended, and full of heart. This author writes a soul, a life, a spirit full of truth. Her words are like music to the soul, playing out a melody of inspiration. Colorful and Deep emotions flow of the pages, painting such a vivid picture of faith and hope. A masterpiece in it time, beyond the ages this book will live on through the souls of humankind. It is a well woven blanket of radiance. Brilliant beyond years, perfectly worded in all its genius, Venture through this wonderful world of poetic art, this book will keep dive you into a new world. The Author Ayisha Blevins colors each word with her soul; it makes for a most enjoyable read. The entire book is beautiful and exceptional but here are some of my favorite poems that bring depth to life,  "The Beginning", "Vision", "War", "A Renewed Life", "A Silent Tribute", "The Lighthouse", and "The Rose". It is a must see, must read book.

Reviewed by author, Tabitha Robin of "The Burning Bush


Silent Stalker

Review by Maryann Nooner

Poetry is not always the easiest form of writing.  A poem can mean something different to everyone that reads it. You can tell good poetry by the emotions that it brings to the surface. In these poems there is a dark side to the range of emotions coming through.  This collection of poems may be difficult for some readers to understand exactly what the author is trying to say, and what emotions are being sought. Ayisha Blevins has a unique way of putting her thoughts together and brings out the interest of the reader. Her poems are not light, but they are well done. When you read them you will feel, and that is exactly what she wants you to do. She is sharing her feelings and thoughts as she has lived them. This collection will be appreciated by those who enjoy poetry.



Silent Stalker

I have heard that poetry is an art form that speaks to the trials and tribulations of the human spirit.  Silent Stalker certainly does speak to every part of the human condition, from the loss of loved one to the innocents of playing a game of volleyball.  In reading these poems I found myself caught up in her words.  Ms. Blevins has a way of reaching out and touching your heart and your mind, and making you think back to times in your own life when things as she has described may have occurred.  I found in reading these well crafted poems that I couldn't wait to read the next one.  Thank you, Ayisha for sharing your gift of poetry with all of us.
Reviewed by BJ Myers, author of Justice is Served
Silent Stalker
Silent Stalker is a sweet collection of poetry covering a variety of subjects from bunnies to broken hearts. As I read through this book of poetry I  found some very strong and meaningful poems, but there were a few I couldn't relate to. I would recommend buying the book, and see what touches you. All in all I feel the Author has great potental.
Reviewer: Anna

Review of Silent Stalker by Ayisha Blevins

I ventured out of my reading comfort zone when I read this collection of poems. Dark, gut-wrenching poems are not my forte. Give me the happy, cheerful variety that rhymes and I'm happy!

But I am glad I decided to read Silent Stalker. I was in awe at the author's ability to capture her feelings in such a profound way. Everything from anger and sadness to hope and wonder are in this book. I believe that anyone who opens its pages will find something that will speak to them.I enjoyed the silliness of "Fred the Frog" and the heart wrenching words of "A Young Life", "Anger and Abuse", and "Foster Care". I was moved when I read "Fallen Angels" and "Memories of a Fallen Soldier". I discovered hope in "A Month of Sundays" and "A Renewed Life". I smiled when I read how the author contemplates the simple things in life in "Bald Eagles", "Camping", and "Rabbits". Take a step out of the box you're used to hiding in, like I did - and read "Silent Stalker". You will find that Ayisha Blevins is a talented poet and wise beyond her years. Linda Strawn, author of "Singing Winds",