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Broken Borders is an exciting story about a young boy who tries to get into the USA.  His adventure leads him down many rough roads and he finds out a secret that will lead him in spirit.  This is a really good story of how one person tries to change their destiny by making their future shine.  It is very sad and has a lot of happy moments within the story as well. Watch out for this amazing book for youths. Reviewed by Tabitha Robinson

Wonderfully Written! Broken Borders is an outstanding book! Author Ayisha Blevins has done a wonderful job telling the story of a young teenage immingrant boy who struggles to provide for his family. His only goal in life is to protect his family and to assure their safety. He will not stop until he has accomplished his goal, knowing that the way to do so is to find a way to bring his family to America. This author shows that in reality there are true hardships that immigrants are faced with each and everyday. The story begins with his young life and takes the reader throughout his adolescent years and into his manhood. Within the pages of this book, is a story of both distress and growth. I loved this book and applaud her for writing it. She has done an amazing job making this story come alive through mere words. I recommend this book and look forward to reading more of her work. Reviewed by Danielle E. Hiner author of "Growing with Joe" an autobiography about raising a child with special needs.

Since the tender age of twelve, Antonio has been the 'man of the house', looking out for his mother and five siblings, since his father's death.  This was tremendous responsiblity for a young man, especially in Mexico, where work was hard to come by.  In desperation, Antonio sneaks over the border to find work, but on his journey, he also finds Jessie.  His burden is increased when he decides to take her with him across the border.  Now he is not only responsible for his family back home, but Jessie as well.  He finds work in a sweatshop, struggling to support his family and his now pregnant girlfriend, continually crossing the border to keep his family together.  Antonio's brother Rico goes on cocaine induced rages, causing horrible things to happen to his two sisters, but justice is served when Rico is killed in jail.  Antonio finds himself in impossible situations but yet seems to be able to take care of and support those who need him.  'Broken Borders' by Ayisha Blevins, is not for the faint of heart.  It tells about kidnapping, rape and the hardships endured by young Mexicans, both male and female.  This story makes you mad at the injustices' served on Antonio and Jessie, as well as Antonio's family back home. It seems to be true to its purpose, telling the real story of struggling Mexican immigrants in America.  Reviewed by Anastasia

Broken Borders is an exceptional read.  Antonio, a fifteen year old has entered the United States illegally to obtain the American dream for his family.  He's faced with unimaginable hardships along the way, yet he is persistant in his goals.  A hard worker, he saves every dime he can to make sure he gets his family to the land where dreams come true.  Antonio is faced with a new mouth to feed when he finds out that he has produced a baby by his young room-mate Jessie.  A baby he does not remember conceiving.  Holding down his job of long hours, going to school, and caring for Jessie and the baby was wearing on Antonio, but he knew he had responsibilities to them and his family.  Antonio held strong with amazing strength and the love of his family.  Reviewed by Mary Muhammad.  Poetess and author.