Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.

At 7:25 Zafreen went outside to wait for the bus.  Her father would open up his clinic at 8:00 AM and not close until 7:00 PM.  Her mother took care of her five younger siblings at home.  She knew her father would pick up groceries in the evening on his way home from work.  The wind was cold as it hit her face.  She wrapped her scarf around her neck and sighed with relief when a yellow school bus slowed to a stop in front of her house.

            “Hello.” Zafreen said cheerfully to the bus driver, a middle aged man, as she climbed the stairs. He nodded to her and closed the doors as she went looking for a seat.  Most of the seats were half empty but when she tried to sit down the other kids suddenly put their book bags on the space next to them.  Finally she found a seat next to a girl who smiled as she sat down.

            “Hello.  My name is Honey.”  the girl said cheerfully.

            “Hi.  I’m Zafreen.”

            “Are you new here?”

            “Yes.  My family just moved here from Qatar.”

            “Where is that?”

            “It’s a country in the Middle East.  Next to Asia.”