Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.

1. Crystal's Jihad

Synopsis:  Crystal is a thirteen year old girl who is forced to sign up for a two month religious exchange program as part of her World Religions class.  Unsure of what to expect, Crystal is taken aback by how friendly and also how different her host family is from her own.  As she begins to learn more about Islam and her host family's beliefs, she begins to question her own religion and the way she was brought up.  Will she learn to accept Islam as a peaceful religion or will she believe her parents and the media and see it as a religion to be despised?

2. Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) (Peace be upon Him)

Synopsis: The Islamic story of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) as told in the Qur'an.  There are no pictures of animals or people in this book, and the images of Prophet Jacob and Prophet Joseph (peace be upon them) are not seen in this book per Islamic law. 

3. A Month of Fasting

Synopsis: Ramadan.  This is the fourth pillar of Islam.  It is the month when the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, recieved the Qur'an.  It is a month of spiritual devotion to Allah and it is a month of humility and personal sacrifice.  During Ramadan all Muslims who have attained puberty must fast for twenty-nine or thirty days, depending on how long the month is, from dawn to sunset by abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations.  At the end of this month is the first of two holidays in Islam, Eid Al Fitr.  Ramadan is a time to concentrate on one's religious faith and get closwer to Allah.  By abstaining from food and drink uslims all around the world who are able to without hardship will feel what the poor feel every day of their lives.  Rayna is a eleven year old Muslim girl who begins her first fast.  She and her family will show readers their daily struggle to fast in America as well as what they do on Eid Al Fitr.  On the first morning of Ramadan Rayna is woken by the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer.  Then she remembers that it is the first day of Ramadan and this will be her first fast as an adult under Islamic Law.  She is nervous but also excited for she will get to finally break fast with her two older brothers, her grandmother, and her parents for the first time.  This is the time when the gates of Hell are closed and at the end she gets to look forward to their first holiday, Eid Al Fitr when they'll get new clothes and get to pray in the mosque for the Eid prayer as a family.

4. Flight of the Ummah

Synopsis: Tells of the flight of the Ummah to Abbsynnia and the flight of the main Ummah to Madina to escape the persecution and killings of the early Muslims.

5. Hijjah Ahmed

Synopsis: Ahmed is thirteen years old and is finally getting the chance to go on the pilgrimage to Mecca with his father and older brothers, Sameer and Hamza.  Ahmed knows that Hajj is important for every Muslim and that all adult Muslims should strive to go on this sacred pilgrimage at least once in their adult life if financially and physically able.  As they board the plane to Mecca, Ahmed is anxious about landing in one of the three holy cities for Muslims and the birth place of Prophet Muhammad.  He knows that there are a series of rites that follow in the footsteps of Muhammad and knows very well that not everyone who goes on Hajj comes back alive.  It is a trying and dangerous time for the two million pilgrims who are crowded into Mecca every year but this does not deter him or casue him to be afraid.  Follow along with Ahmed as he makes the sacred pilgrimage and see why it is the fifth pillar of Islam.

6. Two Mothers

Synopsis: Mariam's life is something unusual among her friends because her father is polygamous and has two wives.  Both wives live in the same home but her father divides his time between his two wives and once in a while they go out to do things as a family.  Even though Mariam knows polygamy is lawful in their religion, she ends up facing judgement from her neighbors and friends at school for this is an uncommon practice amongst Muslims in today's modern age.  At her young age of eleven years she undertands that many women in their religion are against polygamy and would divorce their husbands if they chose to practice something that their Master allows for men and she can't understand why.  Little ones follow along on Mariam's journey of being raised in a polygamous household and see how she deals with the ostracization of a lifestyle that is not common in today's modern age.

7. Submission

Synopsis: Jason is a young tweleve year old who has convertered to Islam.  His family is against him being Muslim so he has to hide his prayer and fasting at school so his parents don't find out about his religion.  He struggles to learn about his faith but meets another boy named Benny who is also a convert along with his parents.  Jason ends up spending a lot of time over at Rashid's house and when he is disowend by his parents and kicked out he moves in with Rashid's family.  As only one of three Muslim families in their neighborhood Jason, Rashid's family and the two other families struggle to keep fast in their faith.

8. Young Wisdom

Synopsis: Elizabeth has always been gifted in her studies.  Her brother Mansour excels in soccer and spends all his free time studying  and trying to memorize the Qur'an.  However despite Elizabeth's brains and Mansour's atheletic ability neither of them are very smart when it comes to helping others and understanding the importance of Zakat which is the third pillar of Islam.  One day Mansour and Elizabeth end up lost after going for a walk in the woods that their parents have warned them to stay away from and they come across a small pool of water that sucks them in and lands them in the past.  Mansour and Elizabeth are now trapped in the past and see for themselves the poverty of this ancient time period.  Will they ever get back to the present and will they ever learn the meaning of being humble and about charity?

9. Struggle to Surrender 

Synopsis: Uzay is a six year old girl who has moved to China with her mother who is an ESL teacher.  In China Uzay finds it hard to practice Islam or make any friends.  Uzay and her mother struggle with learning Chinese and getting used to the culture of the Chinese people. She learns of a group of Chinese Muslims known as the Ughyrs who are oppressed by the Chinese Government.  Uzay ends up getting on a train to see them and see how they live.  When a group of people come into the small village community and begin destroying the homes of the people Uzay has come to be friends with and love she and her mother try to help the people in the village by reaching out to the Chinese Government to help protect the village.

10. Challenge to Worship 

Synopsis: In a small village in Afghanistan a young girl wants to become a teacher but under the rule of the Taliban education is forbidden to women and girls.  At ten years old Amir is getting ready to be married off to a twenty-five year old cousin against her will.  With no support from her mother for her dreams Amir breaks tradition and runs away where she meets up with fifteen year old Waleed who encourages her to achieve her dream of being a teacher by studying hard.  Waleed who is an orphan himself and disgusted with the Taliban's rule takes Amir under his wing and helps her to realize her destiny and achieve her potential.  But life for Amir is not easy for her father and uncles are searching for her and Amir finds her life faced with more difficulties than she could imagine.

11. A Stranger's Gift

Synopsis: In Nigeria a young Muslim boy named Rashid is an orphan.  One day while out searching for food he is kidnapped and sold into slavery. Rashid's master is a cruel man who though Muslim himself doesn't allow Rashid to practice his religion.  Rashid having nowhere to go stays with his master and prays in secret.  Rashid never loses hope that he will be set free though he doubts that his master will be the one to set him free.  A Muslim couple who is part of an organization that helps disadvantaged people in Africa sees Rashid one day ask him questions and then the man follows him to his master's home. Disgusted with the man who owns Rashid, the couple offers to buy Rashid from the man and then set him free.  

12. Jameelah and the Eid Dress

Synopsis: Jameelah sees a beautiful yelow Eid dress and light yellow hijab in the store window and asks her mother to get it for her.  However her mother is poor and offers instead to buy her a different colored fabric to make an Eid dress and hijab but Jameelah is adament about the pretty dress and hijab she ses in the window.  Her mother tells her that with Allah's help she will get what she wants but she has to be patient.  As Eid Al Fitr gradually approaches Jameelah begins to wonder if she will ever get her present.