Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.

The Devil's Thorn, were a group of people who wanted to control the world, disposing of people they didn't approve of.  Their focus was now on the American Muslims.  All the American Muslims, men women and children, were to be gathered from around the world, and were to suffer the same fate of torture and humiliation.  Their only salvation would be to renounce Islam, and only then would they be granted a pardon.  Parasa was sitting in the living room with her husband and four children listening to the president's speech.  It worried them that they might be brought back to the US and ushered into camps.  Parasa had been born in America after her parents fled Lebanon, believing they'd live a better life, but this really wasn't the case.  Because of their nationality and beliefs, they'd been shunned by most.  Then came the day when the group showed up, taking Parasa and her children from their home while her husband was at work.  They were chained and blindfolded and herded into a cage like cattle with the other families who had been captured before them.  Without being given food or water, until one guard found the courage to help them.  Private Willard Collins pulled off their blindfolds and gave them food, explaining what he could about their plight, but his assistance was short lived before he was called away.  When they reached the confines of the camp, they were tattooed and ushered into the showers, then they were given the chance to renounce their religion, which none of them did.  The rules were simple.  They weren't allowed to leave the camp, nor were they allowed to pray, and if caught they'd face rape, beatings or death.  Also it seemed that to speak in protest, even when it was in justice, it carried the sentence of death.  Then one night,  Private Collins paid Parasa a visit, declaring himself as a friend, telling her who was behind the plot to rid the world of Muslims.  He also told her of his brother who had converted, and how his brother and his family were killed because of their faith.  Parasa had just learned that her husband had been killed when another man showed up, telling them of their plan to escape, but Parasa, as well as the others in the room with her, felt they should wait until the winter was over, but the group wouldn't listen.  The results were disastrous, but that did not stop the families plan to escape in the spring.  They managed to escape the compound, but then their concerns shifted to survival.  They had nothing with them.  No food, no water and no blankets, so they decided to rummage through the trashcan in a small town, only to be caught, but Benjamin, one of the town's guards, took pity on them and helped them. Later deciding, with a few others, to join them on their journey.  Life improved for the group of Muslims, until the Devil's Thorn found them, but the Muslims had been preparing for this day, setting traps.  Would the Muslims finally find the peace and freedom they deserved?  Or would they again be faced with the cruelty of the Devil's Thorn?  This is a frightening concept.  To believe that human life, regardless of their beliefs, holds so little importance would surely mark the end of our basic human rights.  Although this is a work of fiction, it holds many truths.  It kept my interest.  Good Job! 4 out of 5 stars.  Reviewed by Deanna

Locked In is a book that has many depths. It will show you the tragedies of pain and sorrow. It brings a new look into the Muslim faith and what they carry within their hearts. Ayisha Blevins pours out her soul in this story. You will journey through the Declaration, Relocation, Processing, Crimson Stone, New Order, Escape, A Friend, Winter's Touch, Plan, On the Run, Friends in Secret Places, Passage, Conversion, Open Season, Sanctuary, Starting Over, New Home, Ghost, Born into Freedom, Hunters at Twilight, Flight, Invasion, For Freedom and Honor, and last but not least, Distant Cry. If you are of the Muslim Faith this is a must read.-Reviewed by Tabitha Pike

I liked this book. This book showing what will happen in the future for the Muslim American, and how they will be killed. While I am reading this book I felt like what is happening is real. This book needs to become a movie.  Reviewed by alsamty.