Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.

Zafreen's Family:

Maher Hussein-Zafreen's father. He's a doctor who has come to America to open up a free clinic for the poor people of Anchorage, Alaska.

Sabra Hussein-She is Maher's second cousin and his wife. Sabra is a stay at home mom and is the peace maker in the home.

Hakeem-Zafreen's ninenteen year old brother. He stayed in Qatar and is a student majoring in Chemical Engineering.

Hawwa-Zafreen's fourteen year old sister.  She enjoys cooking and helping her mother with her younger siblings.  She's always available to listen to her younger siblings' problems.

Ahmed-He's twelve years old and the second oldest son in the family.  Ahmed loves soccer and wants to be a professional soccer player for the Qatar national team when he's older.

Zafreen-The main character in the series.  She is eight years old in the beginning of the series and faces a lot of problems when her family moves to America.  Zafreen is real good with science and math.

Ibrahim-Ibrahim is five years old and likes working with his hands. 

Yunus-Yunus is four years old.  He likes reading and math. 

Osama-Osama is two years old and the youngest son in the family. 

Durra and Sabeen-Two month old twin girls and the youngest children in the Hussein household.  Despite being twins they have opposite personalities. Sabeen is also fully blind due to a car accident Sabra suffered in her seventh month of pregnancy.  Durra likes being active and Sabeen is quiet. 

Sally-Zafreen's step mother. She is eighteen and a widow with four small children.  Maher meets her on a trip back to Qatar and decides to marry her.  He brings her over to the United States on a work visa as his secretary. 

Emmitt-Sally's first husband who died when a month before her eighteenth birthday. 

Hadoon-Sally's oldest son. He is six years old and was really close to his father so the loss is still something he is trying to deal with.  He likes soccer so he gets along well with Ahmed.

Aisha-Sally's five year old daughter. 

Kamal and Yasmin-Sally's four year old twins. 

Kanwal-Sally's three year old daughter.  She likes learning from her mother about how to care for the household.  She enjoys gardening and cooking with her mother.

Tanveer-Sally's two year old son. 

Fatimah, Waleed, and Basma-Sally's triplets.

Nuwwurrah-Zafreen's maternal grandmother who is eighty years old.  She ends up dying of a heart attack in her home.  Maher takes his entire family back to Qatar for her funeral.

Uncle Ibrahim-Maher's younger brother.  He ends up coming to visit Maher and his family but is later arrested by the FBI for allegedly being at some anti-Israeli protests.  Then one day the charges are dropped and he is put on a plane destined for Iraq but when his cell phone dies over the Atlantic Ocean Maher begins to suspect the worst.

Zahra-Hakeem's fiancee and later his wife.  They end up getting married in the middle of the series.

Naseeruddin-Hawwa's fiancee and later husband.  He meets Hawwa at Hakeem's wedding and moves to America because he is an international student and is majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Little Muslim series:

1. New Girl-Meet Zafreen, an eight year old girl of Qatarian descent who comes to America with her family.  Her father is a doctor.  Her mother is a stay at home mom who takes care of her three younger brothers and twin two-month old sisters.  Her family moves to Anchorage, Alaska so Zafreen's dad can set up a free doctor clinic for low-income people.  But she is picked on for wearing hijab.  Will Zafreen be able to make any new friends at her new school?

2. Zafreen Learns About Allah-In this second book of the Little Muslim series, Zafreen and her two friends, Honey and Jewel, learn about Allah.  As they explore the wonders of nature around them they begin to understand the wisdom of Allah and learn why all creatures submit to Him.

3. Why Are We Muslims?-Zafreen, Honey, and Jewel learn about the five pillars of Islam and what it means to be Muslim in this third book in the series.  They also learn about dietary guidelines and a few prophets as they explore the basic tenants of this mysterious faith.

4. A New Mother-On a trip back from Qatar, Zafreen's dad meets a young widowed woman named Sally who is eighteen with six small children.  He decides to marry her in order to help her and her children.  Adding on another section to his home in the States, Maher brings Sally and her children over to States to live with his current family.  Now Zafreen and her siblings must learn to deal with the fact of their father having another wife and how to deal with the jealousy towards Sally and her children.

5. Final Destination-Zafreen's grandmother has died.  Maher takes the entire family back to Qatar for his mother's funeral.  Zafreen and her siblings learn about the Day of Judgment and about death in Islam.  They also learn the funeral prayer and how it differs for children under puberty as well as funeral rites in Islam and how to properly wash a dead person's body.

6. Hakeem's Wedding-Hakeem is finally getting married so Maher takes the family to Qatar for his oldest son's wedding.  Hakeem has a three story house divided into apartments so he puts his family up in his home.  They meet his fiancee, Zahra, and Maher and Sabra talk to her parents leaving the kids under Sally's care.  As the day approaches for Hakeem's wedding, Sally, Sabra, and Zahra's mother, aunts and two sisters begin the preparations for a Qatarian feast and wedding.  As the celebration winds down Hawwa is approached by a girl and is asked to marry the girl's brother.

7. American Ramadan-It's Ramadan and everyone is excited.  This is a month of fasting and focusing on Allah.  It's a time when Muslims engage in fasting from dawn to sunset for an entire month and Zafreen's family is no exception.  Having accepted the brother's proposal for marriage Hawwa begins to be excited about starting her own family.  Maher, and Ahmed spend a lot of time in the mosque reading the entire Quran.  There are activities in the mosque for families and once a week the mosque holds a breakfast and dinner.  At the end of Ramadan they get dressed up in their best clothes and attend the Eid prayer on the first day of Shawwal, the tenth month in the Islamic year.

8. Flight of No Return-Uncle Ibrahim is coming for a visit to the States.  Everything is well until someone accuses Ibrahim of participating in anti-Israel protests.  Not knowing anything about the law of America and unable to afford a lawyer Ibrahim is taken by the FBI to be questioned for his involvement.  Maher tries to help him get out of jail but is threatened with deportation if he interferes with the interrogation.  Unwilling to see his brother go to jail for something he did not do, Maher devotes all his time and savings into getting a lawyer for his brother and helping set him free.  Then one day in late August Ibrahim is mysteriously sent out of the U.S. with all charges dropped and is shipped off to Iraq.  But when Ibrahim's cell goes dead over the Atlantic Ocean Maher begins to suspect the worst.  What happened to Ibrahim  on the way to Iraq and is he still alive?

9. Innocence-One day in the middle of Fall Zafreen wakes up to discover she has gotten her period.  Under Islamic law she is now an adult and the duties of fasting during the month of Ramadan, prayer five times a day, observance of hijab and other Islamic duties are now obligatory on her.  She is also now accountable for her deeds, thoughts and actions by Allah.  When Zafreen comes home with a black eye Maher goes to the police but they do nothing.  Fearing for his children's safety he pulls them out of school and enrolls them in the Muslim school.  A week after being pulled out of school the windows to Maher's clinic are shot out with bullets and their home is sprayed with graffiti.  It looks like this is the end of their time in America.  Will they be forced to move back to Qatar or will someone step in to help?

10. Sacred Journey-Zafreen's father is taking her, Ahmed, and Hawwa to Hajj.  As they make preparations for this sacred and important part of Islam, Zafreen begins to feel nervous.  Sabra tells them of the importance of Hajj by relating the story of Prophet Ishmael and his mother Hagar.  Then they board the flight for Mecca.  When they arrive at the airport everyone is in a hurry to get to their hotels after their flights but it is crowded and they have to wait to be seen by the airport workers.  Finally their papers are processed and they can leave for their hotel.  As the morning of the first day of Hajj begins what will they experience in this beautiful city that is steeped in history and as they trace the route of Prophet Muhammad?

11. Runaways-On a cold night in January Sally is watching her children and step children when they hear a sound outside their home.  Zafreen opens the door and peers outside but can't see anything due to the blinding snowstorm.  She goes outside and finds a brother and sister huddled together in a snow cave.  They have run away from their abusive master who brought them to America over from Ethiopia.  Zafreen lets them inside and when her parents return they tell their story of how they came to America.  Their parents let them stay with them while they arrange for them to go back to their older brother in Ethiopia.  As they say goodbye Zafreen and her family know they will never see the runaways again.

12. Revert-Honey decides to revert to Islam.  Upon her reversion her parents disown her and kick her out of the house where she ends up moving in with a Muslim couple who can't have children.  She's enrolled in the Muslim school and her foster parents begin the process of adopting her legally.  After three months the adoption papers are signed and Honey becomes the adopted daughter of the Muslim couple.

13. United-On an April morning Hawwa wakes up feeling happy.  She is getting married finally.  Hawwa's fiancee has arrived in the United States as an international student and has gotten his own apartment off campus at the courtesy of his government who is paying for his scholarship, medical care and living expenses.  Hawwa's parents sign a paper allowing her to get married and she moves in with her husband the same day.

14. Hollow-Zafreen's mother has breast cancer.  Everyone is worried for Sabra's health as she begins Chemotherapy.  But then news comes that her breast cancer has been diagnosed too late.  She is given only one month to live.  It seems the odds are stacked against Sabra.  Will she be able to pull through or will Zafreen end up losing her mother?

15. Homeless-After struggling to support his growing family Maher finds everything he worked for destroyed. His clinic is set on fire and without any way to support his family they find themselves on the streets.  Fearing CPS taking his children away or being deported for having two wives, Maher takes desperate measures and they seek shelter in the mosque but they know they can't live there forever.  Unable to rebuild his clinic they are forced to move further north into Alaska leaving behind the friends they made in Anchorage.  Soon they find themselves struggling there as well and now everybody must help by getting jobs to support their family which only leads to a different life for Ahmed and Zafreen as they are forced to go out and get jobs to help put food on the table. 

16.  Lost in the Wilderness-When Zafreen's family goes on a camping trip for the summer, Zafreen and Ahmed get lost on a walk in the forest.  When they are attacked by a bear after stumbling upon it and its cubs, Ahmed gets injured.  As night falls they take shelter but weeks go by without any sign of the two siblings.  Can they make it back alive to their family and will rescue be sent to them or will they perish in the wilderness with nobody knowing what happend to them?