Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.

Empty Roads

Night falls swiftly on this cold December night

Sending chills of ice down my spine

Alone on this dark deserted mountain

Abandoned by all my old friends.

Cold chills invade my life

Taking away my heart's desire

In one violent movement of snow

Leaving me all alone.

Empty roads are before me

Up here I am not safe

Yet where do I go

When below is the same?

Where do I find the peace I once knew?

When all before me is gone

Lives crushed and ended cruelly

Now empty roads are before me.

My life seems to have no purpose

Why am I still on this Earth?

Everyone has abandoned me here

In a land of roads, of empty roads.

How I can find the peace I once knew?

Everything before me is gone

Buried beneath the snow

The path of destruction is here.

Dead and gone

Alone up here

Bodies are everywhere

Twisted like fallen wires.

No light can penetrate this dark day

No one will find me

Except the snow

Always searching for easy prey.

Head down the mountain carefully

Don't step out of time

Run if you can

Run from the empty roads.

All alone in the world

Lied to and belittled

Now your turn at pain

Your turn at empty roads.

Such silence seems unreal

Such loss is too deep for one alone

Try to have hope in this hour

You won't be alone.

Snow stops at the light

Everyone is alive

Empty roads are no longer empty

Due to your hope and glory.