Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.




"Mr. President there is a boy who is requesting for you see him."

"Who is it?"

"He told me to give you this."

President Fitzgerald took the note. As he glanced at the seal his hands trembled. Shaking he took out a letter opener from his desk and slit the envelope open. He turned the envelope upside down and a letter fell onto the desk. He slowly picked the letter up and opened it, revealing the insignia of the most powerful secret society in the world. His eyes grew wide as he scanned the contents.

President Fitzgerald. We request a meeting with you. Send your reply back with our messenger and we will be in touch. Do not tell anyone of this meeting or death will come to you and your family.

President Fitzgerald knew who the person was who had written the letter. He was known by the name of Black Hawk. He also knew the group who had put him into power by assassinating all of his rivals for presidential office. It was the Devil's Thorn. The Devil's Thorn was a group of men and women who sought to control the world. They had been thought to be dead until a family had resurfaced three centuries ago and continued the legacy of their forefathers. They did away with people who they didn't approve of. They were responsible for putting people who would be of use to them in the Oval Office and sometimes used the CIA to turn innocent people into killing machines through a use of mind control. Not even the CIA knew who was part of the Devil's Thorn. They stayed in the shadows and out of sight, surfacing only to control the new president in power.

"Send him in."

The young teenage boy came inside.  He carried the ruby and diamond laden sword of the Devil's Thorn and motioned to the President to stand.  With swift fluidity he drew the sword across the President's neck and pressed the letter against the President's throat.  Then he quickly wiped the sword, placed it at his side, took the letter and waited. 

"What does the Devil's Thorn want of me?"

"I do not question my masters.  I only carry out their orders.  What time will you be at the meeting point?"

"Seven thirty in the evening."

"I will tell them."

He went to the window, threw it open and dropped lightly to the ground before vanishing from view.  President Fitzgerald looked down at the ground and went to his room to clean up the blood. It had been a shallow cut, yet deep enough to nick a vein.  He would be kept alive until the next Presidential Election.  Towards sunset he dressed in his best clothes and then went in an unmarked car to the meeting point.  There he walked a ways into the woods and took a few steps to the left.  A group of snarling dogs circled him and the young teenage boy appeared along with five other members of the slaves of the Devil's Thorn. They were the messengers of the Devil's Thorn.  "Heel Killer!"  The boy shouted to the biggest dog.  Hesitating the animal continued snarling at him but as one they turned and left.  "Our masters wish to see you. Follow me."

They walked for a while and then the boy knelt on the ground before the flickering fire.  "My masters and ladies.  The President has come as promised."

"Leave us then Black Hawk.  Go back to your post."  An elderly man said.

"Lord Liquistor... we are hungry.  We haven't eaten anything in two days."

"Do you dare question the word of Lord Liquistor? Of the Devil's Thorn?" A man questioned.

There was silence as they all turned to stare at Black Hawk.  "Forgive me Lord Liquistor.  I meant no disrespect to the Devil's Thorn."

"Then take of the leftover scraps that the dogs will not eat."

"Thank you my Lord."

The President watched Black Hawk leave.  Then he turned toward the Devil's Thorn.  In the shadows were guards posted at various entrances to the meeting point. He knew the Devil's Thorn lived together in a huge castle upon the banks of the river Jezebella that flowed down from Yellow Smoke Mountain.  Many of the guards were protecting the home of the Devil's Thorn.  Anyone who got within a mile of that place was killed on sight.  Dressed in silky blue robes laden with rubies and sapphires the ladies of Devil's Thorn sat on one side while the men of Devil's Thorn, clad in forest green and red robes with crystal beads woven in sat on the other.

"What do you wish me to do?"

"Do you remember September 11th?"

"How could anyone forget?  Those skiving Muslims."

"Indeed.  Well we have been trying to get rid of the American ones for years.  So we have come up with a plan."

"What is it?"

"We want you to declare the American Muslims as traitors and bring them back to the USA.  Even their children."

"But their children have done nothing wrong!"


"Forgive me but why bring the children?  Are they also to be labeled traitors?"

"Yes.  It is the only way we can get rid of them from this soil and eventually from the world.  We are already working with the Queen of Great Britain and the Presidents of Russia, France, New Zealand, Australia, and the Netherlands to dispose of their Muslim populations."

"What do you wish to do with them?"

"Bring them back to America.  Deny them their basic rights and take away their citizenship.  Then throw them in the camps that President Regan had built and have some fun with them."

"Even my son?"

"Your son is a traitor to this country. Anyone who renounces Islam will be granted pardon and set free."

"Now leave us and do as you are told.  Or we will make it known that you raped a nine year old girl when you were twenty-five years old."

"I'll do it."

"We thought you might."