Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.

A Devine Message


In my pages people find wisdom

Light and truth dance before your eyes

I am from your Lord

A message to all mankind.

I can never be altered or changed

Inside me are rules and laws from God

I am protected from mankindís folly

So seek the Lord through me.

Be not of the unbelievers whose destiny is Hell

In me are stories of old

Of people who came before thee and rejected the messengers

Oh! What a day awaits all mankind!

I am a perfect book

In me with Godís help thee will find guidance

Read me with fear in your hearts

And when I am old lay me on a shelf

Or donate me to a mosque.

I will testify on your behalf

So do not treat me like garbage

For I am Godís message

I am the Qurían.