Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.

The Packs

1. Moonstone Pack-They can change into human form and each member can control the elements.
2. River Pack-ally of the Mountain Pack
3. Eclipse Pack-these wolves have a crescent moon on their left front legs and are allies with the Moonstone Pack
4. Stone Clan-foxes and allies to the Elemental and Eclipse Packs
5. Zodiac Pack-evil pack 
6. Spirit Pack-ally of Zodiac Pack which makes them enemies to Moonstone and Eclipse Packs as well as the Stone Clan
7. Morning Star-stray dog pack
8. Mountain Pack-live near the Blood Mountains and allies with the River Pack
9. Cedar Swamp Pack-live near a swamp surrounded by cedar trees (allies to Black Alder Pack)
10. Ash Falls Pack-live near a waterfall surrounded by Ash trees 
11. Oak Valley Pack-live in a valley surrounded by Oak trees
12. Frozen Arrow Pack-northernmost pack (live in the High North)
13. Silver Dawn Pack-this is a desert pack
14. Black Alder Pack-forest pack (allies to Cedar Swamp Pack)
15. Hibiscus Pack-the southernmost pack.  They live on a chain of islands in the Marina Sea.
16. Cove Pack-they live around Howling Cove.  

Moonstone Pack

This is Kasai.  He's the alpha of his pack.  His element is fire.  Human form is a white male with red hair and brown eyes.  He has a flame tattoo on his right inner wrist.  Kasai is a strong fighter and leader who rules with compassion and kindness but when a member of his pack is attacked he will be the first to retaliate.

This is Atam.  Atam is Kasai's beta.  His element is Earth.  Human form is a white male with brown hair and green eyes.  He has a vine with little flowers on the inner right wrist.  As Kasai's beta, he keeps order in the pack when Kasai isn't around.  As an earth wolf Atam can control the earth, plants, and trees.  He is very in tune with nature and can heal entire forests that have been destroyed or died. He is very loyal to Kasai and his pack.

This is Mizu.  Her element is water.  Like her element, Mizu is calm and prefers to try to diffuse a situation by talking about it instead of fighting.  She's the peacemaker in the pack.  Mizu is able to find and draw water from the ground even if the pack is in the desert or the land is suffering from a drought.  Mizu's human form is a white female girl with long dark blue hair and light blue eyes.  She has a teardrop tattoo on her inner left wrist.  Mizu's position in the pack is a scout.  Mizu can breathe underwater.

This is Meifeng.  Her element is air and she came from the Sky Kingdom before she joined the Moonstone Pack.  Meifeng has wings that she uses to fly through the air.  Her lungs are adapted so that she can breathe in the highest altitudes and in the sky.  When she's on earth her wings are folded close to her sides and only open when she wants to make herself appear bigger to an enemy or takes flight.  Her human form is a white girl with long white hair and blue eyes.  She has an air nomad tattoo on her left inner wrist.  Meifeng and Mizu are great friends.  Her position in the pack is messenger.

This is Hikaru.  Her human form is a white female with blond hair and gray eyes.  Hikaru is able to absorb darkness, control and manipulate light, control and manipulate lightning and absorb electricity.  She has a lightning bolt tattoo on her inner left wrist.  Hikaru is a strong fighter and would rather fight than retreat. She is the younger sister of Itzal.  Her position in the pack is hunter.

Imamu's element is spirit and he has legend markings.  His tattoo is the yin yang symbol that is on his inner right wrist.  He has the ability to heal.  In his human form he is asian with gray hair and red eyes. Imamu's position within the pack is scout.  He also acts as storyteller, healer and spiritual link between Sky Kingdom and the earth.  Imamu is a kind wolf who doesn't have a harsh word for anyone.  He has the ability to see into a person's soul just by looking at them and can determine if that person is good or evil.

Enki's element is poison.  In his human form he's black with with black hair and yellow eyes.  He has a skull and crossbones tattoo on his inner right wrist.  His position within the pack is hunter.  His blood is toxic.  He can remove poison from animals and people.  Enki has a bird skull necklace that easily identifies him as a wolf or human.  Enki is a fierce fighter and is very loyal to his pack.  Enki would willingly sacrifice himself to save his friends.  He is a former Wanderer who was tossed out of his pack.  He is usually seen sitting by himself and carries a lot of guilt for the crime he committed in his former pack.

Namid is an ice wolf.  As a human she is white with blue hair and orange eyes.  Her position within the pack is sentry.  Namid is able to create blizzards, manipulate and control snow whether it is falling or already on the ground, has freeze breath, is able to lower the temperature to freezing, survive in the coldest temperatures and can shoot frozen beams out of her eyes.  Namid is the omega in the pack but despite being the lowest member she has the position of sentry. Namid has a snowflake tattoo on her inner left wrist.  She is a gentle spirit and will help enemies and friends alike but she also carries a lot of sadness about not being able to save her younger brother from being killed.

Itzal is a darkness and shadow wolf.  He has night vision, can shadow travel, can manipulate and control darkness and shadows, become a shadow and absorb light.  As a human he is black, has black hair with red streaks and gold eyes.  Itzal is the older brother of Hikaru.  Itzal adores the night and is sometimes sent on night hunting trips.  When he isn't scouting or hunting Itzal likes to listen to a good story.  Unlike other wolves he has three tails-a gift from Lord Orpheus who is Lord of the Underworld.  Has the triquetra tattoo on his right wrist.

The final member of the elemental wolves is Okelani.  Her element is space and she can also control time.  She has an hourglass tattoo on her left inner wrist.  As a human she is asian with black hair with purple streaks and sea green eyes. Okelani is shy and doesn't talk a lot.  As a space and time wolf she can travel through time, create portals to other dimensions, trap people in time, create a force field that surrounds the pack and allies, trap others in time, travel to other dimensions, warp time, stop time, and warp space.  Okelani has a crush on Itzal but is too shy to tell him her feelings.  Her position in the pack is sentry.


These are the four guardians.  Lord Ryuu is a dragon, Lady Bronislava is a griffin and Lord Yamanu is a winged wolf.  Lord Ryuu, Lady Bronislava, and Lord Yamanu are the guardians of the Sky Kingdom.  Lord Orpheus is the lord of the underworld.

Orpheus is the Lord of the Underworld in my elemental series. As you can see he has two tails. He has a scar on his upper left front leg from when he took an insane wolf to the underworld.  Orpheus used to be one of the guardians of the Sky Kingdom but was given the underworld after seeing the spirits of the dead roam free on earth wreaking havoc everywhere. The entrance to the underworld lies within the ruins of death. Ravens are Lord Orpheus's winged messengers and he has a group of death wolves at his command as his guard and servants.  He is the younger brother of Yamanu.

Lady Bronislava is one of the guardians of the Sky Kingdom from which the winged wolves come.  She is a griffin.  Lady Bronislava is a fierce defender of the Sky Kingdom and a gentle soul.  Together with Lord Ryuu and Lord Yamanu the three guardians protect the Sky Kingdom.  The Sky Kingdom is home to the sky wolves and other winged creatures.  Lady Bonislava's home is the Crystal Palace that is surrounded by stars night and day.

Lord Ryuu is the first of the guardians of the Sky Kingdom.  He is the wisest of the three guardians.  Lord Ryuu often patrols the Sky Kingdom boundary to check on the Outliers-winged creatures who guard the Sky Kingdom.  Lord Ryuu's home is Wind Frost Island.  It is to the east of the Crystal Palace.  Lord Ryuu is the one who brought fire to the world.

Lord Yamanu is a winged wolf and the father of all sky wolves.  His element is air like all his children and he is the third guardian of the Sky Kingdom.  He wears a bird skull on his head.  Lord Yamanu has a distrust of strangers within the Sky Kingdom until he gets to know them but if they betray the Sky Kingdom or hurt any of his children they'll suffer his wrath.  He is the older brother of Orpheus.

Death Wolves are the servants of Lord Orpheus.  Death Wolves are recognizable by the chains around their necks, long claws, and the antlers that grow through their skulls.  Death Wolves were created by Lord Orpheus after he took over the underworld.  As death wolves they have the abilities of night vision and can control and manipulate shadows.  They also are able to inflict plague upon the world and bring sickness and disease. Legend has it that if you see a raven then a death wolf isn't far behind.  Death Wolves are loyal only to Lord Orpheus.  Death Wolves and ravens will often work together in the service of Lord Orpheus.  They are able to mate and live on meat and bones.

Sythaeryn is a wolf though he has many attributes other wolves do not have within the world.  Classified with the Guardians, he is immortal like they are but he is not a true Guardian, rather he is the Knowledge Keeper.   Thought to be a mythical wolf by much of the World, Sythaeryn was created to be alone and exiled from Sky Paradise and the Underworld, forcing him to take up residence within the world.  It is said that Sythaeryn can control lightning, generate wind, breathe fire and speak telepathically as well as see into the future.  He has large lungs to make him able to breathe underwater without the need for surfacing for air, breathe in high altitudes where the air is thin, and can survive in any form of climate imaginable.  His eyes have no whites to them but adjust from light to darkness like a cat's, easily able to discern his way in subterranean tunnels underground though they are somewhat sensitive to light.   


Sky Kingdom:

The Sky Kingdom is where the three guardians-Ryuu the dragon, Bronislava the griffin, and Yamanu the winged wolf live.  It is also where all winged creatures live. The Sky Kingdom is a lot of floating islands with palaces and homes.  


This is where all the living live until they die.  The World doesn't suffer from pollution or global warming like earth.  There the humans live in peace with the animals.  Some winged creatures such as birds make their permanent homes in the World and return to the Sky Kingdom when they die.

Ruins of Death:

Within the Ruins of Death lies the entrance to the Underworld.  Here the death wolves give birth to their young and the ravens live.  It is a cold and dark place that lies on the other side of the Blood Mountains.  To get to the ruins of death one must traverse inside the Blood Mountains which takes a week. 


The Underworld is where Lord Orpheus and the death wolves live. The winged creatures go to the Sky Kingdom after visiting the Underworld so Lord Orpheus can check their lives off.  The Underworld has three fields: the fields of joy where all creatures who have done no evil reside, the fields of torment where all evil creatures go to be punished for eternity, and the fields of creation where heroes and humans go.  The fields of joy have flowers, trees and grass blooming everywhere.  The fields of torment are barren and have a lake of lava with the river Despair run through it.  The fields of creation has baby animals, flowers, and young trees. Blood sacrifices reawaken the heroes memories of the deeds they did in the World.  Lord Orpheus's palace is black stone with black marble floors that lies on the Cycle Plateau which is surrounded by Creation Lake which is connected to the river Joy that flows through the fields of joy.  Death Wolves live here when they aren't giving birth to their pups.  The river Misery marks the border between the Ruins of Death and the Underworld.

Eclipse Pack

Nightshade is the Alpha male of the Eclipse Pack. The Eclipse Pack are allies of the Moonstone Pack which comprises the Elemental Wolves. Nightshade's mate is Sunshine. The Eclipse Pack have long white claws, large ears and crescent moons on their left shoulders. Nightshade is a fierce protector of his pack. He is not trusting of Wanderers or strangers in his territory.

Sunshine is Nightshade's mate and alpha female of the Eclipse Pack.  Together Nightshade and Sunshine are a force to be reckoned with.  These two won't hesitate to lay their lives down for their pack as they have trust in their betas.  Sunshine doesn't take any sass from the five other females in her pack.  Despite being the alpha female she won't hesitate to help nurse the other members back to health.

Striker is the male beta of Eclipse Pack. His mate is Gem who is the beta female.  As betas they are responsible for keeping the pack in line when the alphas are away or hurt.  Striker is protective of Gem and loyal to his alphas. Striker is a doting mate to Gem and a tough fighter.  

Gem is the beta female and Striker's mate.  She acts like a big sister to the lower females in the pack.  She cares for her pack mates and for Striker.  Gem will fight to protect her pack from harm.  Gem will often share her food with the injured members of her pack and scout ahead for danger.

Emerald lives for adventure.  She likes exploring the World and discovering new things.  She has friends in the Stone Clan, three packs and a friend among the stray dog pack.  Together this group is known as the Explorers.  She has a scar over her left eye from when she was attacked by a member of the Spirit Pack.  Emerald is a gentle wolf and is always wanting to help those in need.

Mushu is a good fighter and hunter but he is also shy.  He's more of a loner than really part of the pack and is too afraid to get close to any other wolves in case they get killed or captured like his cousin Rohan who is a prisoner of the Zodiac Pack.  Mushu hopes to rescue his cousin one day and find out what happened to his other friends.  The guilt he has at not being able to save his cousin from being captured eats at his soul.

Ruby is part of the Eclipse pack. She's a red wolf with yellow eyes.  Like the rest of her pack she has a crescent moon on her left shoulder and long white claws.  Ruby is a kind and calm wolf.  She enjoys a good story and is good at finding medicinal herbs and plants to heal her packmates.

Rebel is a battle scarred wolf.  He has numerous scars on his body from getting into fights with other wolves when defending his pack.  Rebel is a fierce fighter and a strong hunter.  Out of all the wolves in his pack he is the fastest runner and is used to get the Moonstone Pack when there are enemies in the Eclipse territory.  Rebel isn't afraid to risk his life for his pack but he's also smart.  

Storm is the youngest member of the pack being only one year old.  Despite his age he is a strong fighter and hunter.  Storm looks up to Rebel.  He doesn't like humans because they killed his pack when he was a pup.  Rebel found him shortly after the destruction of his pack and took him into the Eclipse Pack where he was given the crescent moon.  Although he is fiercely loyal to his new pack he doesn't forget the pack he was born into and is unable to understand that not all humans are bad. He sees Rebel as an older brother.

Jade is a quiet wolf.  She likes gazing at the stars in the night sky.  She is loyal to her pack and to the alliance between the Moonstone and Eclipse packs.  She isn't a very strong fighter but is good at scouting and hunting as well as healing.  Acts as a nurse wolf for the pups.

Spirit is the last male in the pack.  He's a dark purple wolf with yellow eyes.  Spirit is full of love and a fierce desire to protect the injured-no matter if they are friend or foe.  He is the most spiritual of all the wolves of Eclipse pack and is in tune with the nature around him. Spirit's best friend is Imamu from the Moonstone pack.  Spirit can be found meditating when he isn't hunting or helping defend the pack's territory.

Vixen is the last member of Eclipse pack.  Her mate and pups were killed by humans so she has a distrust of all humans.  Due to the loss of her mate and pups she is unwilling and scared to take another mate and have another litter for fear that they too will be destroyed.  She is furiously protective of the pups born to the betas and alphas of Eclipse pack due to her own loss.  Vixen has a heart of gold and is full of love for children of any species.  Although she distrusts humans she can't fault human pups for their parents actions.

Morning Star

This is the stray dog pack. They are alies of the Moonstone Pack.

This is Duke.  He's a German Shepherd and leader of the stray dog pack. The stray dog pack is known as Morning Star.  Morning Star pack mates are identified with the collars around their necks.  The Morning Star pack has a small territory that encompasses fifteen square miles.  They are all dogs that either ran away from their owners or abandoned in the wild and as a result do not trust humans due to their past experiences.   Duke is a wise and just leader who commands respect from his pack mates and allies.

Frost is an American Eskimo dog and is part of the Morning Star pack. He is Duke's second in command. He's tough but fair when dealing with the rest of his pack. Frost was abandoned by his humans when he was six months old and was taken in by Duke.

Jedi is three years old and ran away from his owners when they began locking him up in a cage for long periods of time. As a result he is timid of strange dogs and wolves and fears men. He has found a place in the Morning Star pack as he all the dogs have similar backgrounds and distrust of humans due to their previous lives. Despite being timid, Jedi has a big heart and would gladly take any abuse to protect Frost and Duke.

Midnight is a female Newfoundland.  She was abandoned her family moved to a home where dogs weren't allowed at one year old.  Midnight likes looking at the stars and listening to stories.

Hurricane is a male dog who is five years old. He was abandoned during a flood when his humans left and forgot about him.  He is the fifth dog to join the Morning Star pack.  Hurricane is a tough fighter and hunter.  

Jazz is a female dog with black tiger stripes.  She is a Tiger Hound, a native dog to the World.  Tiger Hounds were bred for hunting tigers and as a result have strong tracking, stamina and fighting traits.  Due to her inborn traits she is a strong tracker and fighter.  She became a member of Morning Star pack when she was left to die of starvation by a human who used to beat her and use her in dog fights. Despite her bad experiences with life she knows that not all humans are bad but is wary of them all the same.

Swift is a male brown dog with a white diamond on his forehead and orange tiger stripes.  He is another native breed to the World, a Moon Shepherd.  Moon Shepherds were created to herd solar buffalo and be family pets.  The breed got its name because it was created by Sagittarius Moon.  

Gale is a yellow lab.  She escaped from a burning house and into the woods where she met up with and joined Morning Star pack. Shadow has a crush on her.  Gale was named because she was found as an eight week old puppy in a wind storm by her human owners before they left her in their burning house. She has some scars on her from escaping the burning house.

Willow is the final female member of Morning Star pack.  Willow has two black streaks under her eyes and has lost the top of her right ear after getting in a fight shortly after joining the Morning Star pack.  She is the mate of Swift who fell in love with her despite her torn right ear.  

Shadow is the last male member of the Morning Star pack.  He knows Gale has a crush on him but isn't sure whether to mate with her or not.  Shadow is a Shadow Husky, hence his white husky mark on his back.  Like the Moon Shepherd and the Tiger Hound, a Shadow Husky is a native breed to the World.  Shadow Huskies were created on the darkest night of the year by a man named Night Flame. Shadow has a scar over his left eye and another on his left leg  due to a fight he got in with a Wanderer before he joined the Morning Star pack.  Shadow is able to harness the power of darkness just as Moon Shepherds are able to harness the power of the moon.  Swift and Shadow are the only two members of their pack who have special powers.  He trains under Itzal to learn how to harness the power of darkness.  Shadow and Swift will often work together to help defend their pack from Wanderers and enemy packs.  He's a bit rough but underneath he has a heart of gold.

Stone Clan

This is the fox clan.  They are allies to the Moonstone Pack.

Firestorm is the leader and father of the Stone Clan.  The Stone Clan are allies to the Elemental Pack and the Eclipse Pack.  Firestorm's mate is Rava who is the mother of the clan.  All the foxes of the Stone Clan have sharp claws so they can defend themselves against attack. Firestorm is very protective of his mate and clan.    

Rava is the mother of the Stone Clan and the mate of Firestorm.  Majority of the Stone Clan are red foxes with the exception of two brown foxes and two arctic foxes.  Rava gets help from the brown fox, Emma, to take care of the kits.  Rava is the peacemaker in the clan.  

Orion is the oldest son of Firestorm and Rava.  He is the third red fox in the Stone Clan.  Orion doesn't take his job as the oldest kit of Rava and Firestorm seriously and would rather goof off then pay attention to how to run the clan.  He has friends in the Moonstone, Eclipse and Morning Star Packs.

Twilight is the oldest daughter and younger sister to Firestorm and Rava.  Unlike her goofball of a brother she actually pays attention to what her parents are talking about and will go with her mother to find medicinal herbs so she can learn how to heal.  She's a good hunter as well.  Twilight will move out of Stone Clan when she's old enough and find herself a mate before starting her own family.

Lightning is the youngest son of Rava and Firestorm.  He has lightning shape bolts on his body which is how he got his name.  Unlike his older brother Orion, Lightning actually pays attention to what his father is trying to teach Orion.  He's a good hunter and is three years younger than Orion.  His younger sister is Maya.  

Maya is the last red fox of the Stone Clan, youngest daughter and younger sister to Lightning.  She has three lightning bolts on her her back.  Maya almost died as a newborn kit but thankfully Itzal managed to intervene to Lord Orpheus to spare her life.  As a result the Stone Clan feels indebted to Itzal for this kind action and Maya can often be seen hanging around Itzal.  She is a kind and gentle fox who loves being around nature and sees Itzal as an older brother despite being two different species.

Loki is a brown fox who is part of the Stone Clan along with his mate Emma.  Loki and Emma joined the Stone Clan after their own clans were attacked by Wanderers.  Loki used to be part of the Marigold Clan before it was attacked and his fellow comrades destroyed.  He is the only survivor of the attack on his clan with Emma being the only surviving member of her clan.  Loki and Emma met when Loki freed Emma from a net and they became inseparable after that and eventually mates.  They were welcomed into the Stone Clan by Firestorm and Rava despite being a different species of fox.  

Emma is the mate of Loki and also a brown fox.  She used to be part of the Flower Clan but it was wiped out by Wanderers.  Emma helps Rava with taking of the kits of Stone Clan.  She is a kind fox but still suffers nightmares from watching her entire clan be destroyed.  

Nova is an arctic fox and the mate of Snowdrift.  Nova and Snowdrift joined the Stone Clan after they were banished from their own clan three years ago.  They have lived with the Stone Clan ever since. Their former clan is the Tundra Clan, a clan that lies in the High North,  thirty miles west of the Frozen Arrow Pack.  Nova is an excellent hunter and fierce protector of Snowdrift.  He's a kind fox and likes to watch the stars at night as well as the snow falling.  

Snowdrift is the mate of Nova.  She is an arctic fox.  Snowdrift wears a red glow vial around her neck.  She is a good hunter and healer. Snowdrift is a kind wolf.  Snowdrift and Nova do find it hard to hunt in the three other seasons of the World due to sticking out like sore thumbs but they do their best.  In winter though they are the best hunters of the Stone Clan.

Zodiac Pack

Allies with Spirit Pack.  Enemies of  the majority of the other packs.

Zoomer is the alpha of the Zodiac Pack.  The Zodiac Pack are allies with the Spirit Pack.  They are the enemies of the majority of the other packs.  Zoomer has hot pink metal claws and his ability is Metal Claw.  Zoomer defeated Radius, the former alpha of Zodiac Pack, and took over with his beta Thunder.  Zoomer has kidnapped three wolves of two different packs (Oak Valley and Black Alder Packs) and forced them to be part of his own pack. 

Thunder is the beta wolf of Zodiac Pack.  He has two fangs in addition to his teeth that are used for his ability Toxic Fang.  His other ability is Dark Lightning.  Thunder is a loyal follower of Zoomer and the two of them used to belong to the Wanderers, however even Zoomer's methods for domination of the other packs didn't coincide with the Wanders ideals and beliefs.  Thunder loves his power over the other wolves of Zodiac Pack and is a fierce fighter.  The only one he likes is Zoomer.  

Athena is the daughter of Tallow and Felma.  Her father was shot by a human and her mother killed by Thunder when he and Zoomer took over Zodiac Pack.  Athena is a good hunter but was forced to mate with Thunder and is pregnant with his pups.  She's the younger sister of Florus.  Athena and Florus were the only two of their family to survive Zoomer and Thunder's murder spree on Zodiac Pack. Despite Thunder being the father of her pups, Athena loves them and will kill to protect her unborn if anyone should wish them harm which is hard as Thunder likes torturing her with his Dark Lightning ability.

Cyphera is a shy wolf.  She was just a year old when Zoomer and Thunder came and took over Zodiac Pack. She is an okay hunter but specializes in finding medicinal herbs to heal her pack mates.   Cyphera has a kind heart and tries to stay out of the way of Zoomer and Thunder.  Her family all died of poison from human hunters and she was the only survivor.

Florus is Athena's brother.  He is an excellent hunter and fighter so he isn't tortured as much by Zoomer or Thunder unlike the rest of his pack.  Florus is three years old and has a crush on Cyphera however only Zoomer and Thunder are allowed to mate and bear pups.  The punishment for the other wolves daring to mate is death and many wolves of Zodiac Pack were killed for breaking the law.  Florus is also used as a guard for the pack and has to alert Thunder and Zoomer of enemy wolves coming into their territory.  He's courageous as well and will is very protective of his sister.

Isis is the daughter of Radius.  She's quiet and doesn't talk much.  Isis has a crush on Streak but because of the laws Zoomer forced upon the pack when he took over she isn't allowed to admit her feelings to Streak.  She can't bear to run away with Streak though she has thought about it because she doesn't want her dad to live alone.  She does her best to protect her father from Zoomer and Thunder and often gets hurt in the process.

Lily has two red bands and a green neckband which make her unique among Zodiac Pack.  She's a healer among the pack and tends to injuries as well as helping birth pups and treating sickness and disease among the pack which makes her useful to Zoomer and Thunder. She's only allowed to go out to collect herbs and other medicinal plants with a guard.

Nerva is a winged wolf who wears blue and green leggings. He joined Zodiac Pack before Zoomer and Thunder took over.  He and Mazaleen are mates though they can't let Thunder and Zoomer know of it so their relationship is secret from everyone.  The vial of blue light around his neck is used to help him see in the dark and also as clearance to travel anywhere in the World among the wolf packs. He has a mysterious past that nobody knows about.

Ginger is identifiable by her silver tipped tail and her violet eyes.  Ginger prefers to stay in the shadows rather than do something which will attract the wrath of her alpha and beta.  She's a kind wolf but aloof around strange packs.

Radius is the former alpha of Zodiac Pack and father of Isis.  He can open up portals through space and time.  His long whiskers show that he's an elder but with Zoomer and Thunder taking over he's reduced to the status of omega.  He hopes that one day his pack can be free from Zoomer and Thunder's control but knows it's only a matter of time before he is either killed by Zoomer and Thunder or maimed and left to die alone. 

Mazaleen is the last female of Zodiac Pack.  She is the mate of Nerva even though they aren't allowed to be together.  She's friendly and interested in medicine.  Like Nerva her origins are unknown though her tail suggests that she has some connection to the Sky Wolves.

Streak knows that Isis has a crush on him and he has one on her as well.  He's very protective of Isis.  Streak gets his name from the silver streak from his muzzle to the tip of his tail.  He's a good hunter and fighter.  He's used as a guard and sentry in the pack when he isn't hunting for food or defending the territory from other wolves. He has a friend in Spirit Pack.  

River Pack

The River Pack lives by Turquoise River which is how they get their name.Turquoise River has little turquoise stones littering the bottom, is clear and always clean.

This is Legend. He's the alpha of River Pack.  River Pack gets its name because it is by Turquoise River. Turquoise River has little turquoise stones on the bottom of the river and the river is clear so that you can see through it and always clean.  Legend is identifiable by the green markings on his body and the green fur on the inside of his ears. Legend is a strong young wolf who took over the pack after his father, the old alpha, died. 

Shiva is Legend's mate and the alpha female of River Pack.  Shiva is compassionate as well as friendly though she makes sure the rest of the female wolves knows she's alpha female.

Silver is the beta male of River Pack.  He's light gray with silver eyes. He's a good hunter and protects Legend in the event of a battle along with his mate Penny.  

Penny is beta female of River Pack and Shiva's mate.  She respects her alphas and would follow them into the Underworld without question.  She's very loyal to the alphas as well.  Penny doesn't have much to do with other wolves outside of her pack.

Alpine wears an aqua scarf around his neck.  He's aloof and only lets his guard down around his friends and pack mates.  Alpine loves winter and prefers observing from the shadows to fighting. 

Eve is a healer so she doesn't participate in fights.  She also watches the pups when their parents are out hunting or patrolling the borders of the pack's territory.  Eve is kind and compassionate to her friends and will heal friend or foe as she believes it is her duty as a healer to help regardless of one's pack.  Her mate is Alpine.

Anubis is black with glowing green eyes and markings on his body, tail and head.  He's quiet but observant which makes him good at scouting, patrolling the borders of River Pack territory and sentry duty.  He never ventures far from the borders of the pack's territory due to being attacked by a lynx in his childhood.

Flora's neck has a crest. It stands up when she's frightened or angry but the rest of the time remains down.  She has sharp claws for clawing open her enemies which she sharpens on against the elm tree that stands in the center of the territory.  She is mates with Cinnamon.

Shadow is Anubis's mate.  She's friendly and has a cheery disposition.  Shadow helps Eve with healing and collecting medicinal plants. She's aloof around strangers and only ventures from the pack's territory to collect medicinal plants that grow outside the territory boundaries.  She and Anubis often take night sentry duty when the rest of the pack sleeps.

Cinnamon is Flora's mate. He has only been with River Pack for three months, having been a loner before joining.  Cinnamon likes having fun and is friendly but hostile to his enemies.  He has the keenest sense of smell in the entire pack and has good stamina and endurance which is useful on long hunts.  Occasionally Cinnamon will go for walks by himself and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Oak Valley Pack

Oak Valley Pack lives in a valley that has oak trees around the perimeter on all sides as well as in the valley itself.

Shikoba is the alpha of Oak Valley Pack. He's an arctic wolf and is clad in Roman Armor.  Shikoba is Choctaw, a Native American tribe, and means 'feather'.  Shikoba is around seven years old and a tough fighter.  Not many wolves who go up against him in a fight return to their packs uninjured.  He is fair and kind. He'll take over watch for his pack and go without food so his pack can survive at the expense of himself.

The beta male of Oak Valley, this loyal wolf would sooner kill someone than look at them.   Slow to accept change, stubborn and obstinate, he is quick-tempered and eager for a fight.   Appearing emotionless, he doesn't let his emotions be seen and rarely lets others know what he is thinking.  A generally quiet fellow, he won't hesitate to show his fangs and claws if angered and one never knows the mood he will be in, thus it might be strange that he is the beta of Oak Valley, but he has spirit and a fierce determination to be the undying loyalty to his alpha and an anayltical mind that caused him to be chosen as Shikoba's second.   He has brown fur with green eyes and two white stripes of fur over both eyes which break out the earth-colored brown of his pelt.   He smells of wild berries and vanilla, a pleasant aroma with a deep baritone vox and rather morose thoughts.   

Coldstar is an orange wolf with white socks and bubbles on his body and ears.  He was kidnapped from his pack at one year old and now a part of Zodiac Pack.  Coldstar is a compassionate and friendly wolf.   He's real cheerful despite the circumstances that led to him becoming a part of Zodiac Pack.

Aspen has chains on his neck and left front leg signifying that he is a prisoner. He belongs to Oak Valley but was kidnapped by Zoomer and Thunder.  Because he keeps trying to escape and get back to his real pack poor Aspen is kept chained all the time to the cave wall where Zodiac Pack dens.  Aspen is timid from the beatings and starvation he endures but doesn't let go of his dream of returning to his true pack.

Black Alder Pack

Black Alder Pack are allies with Cedar Swamp Pack. They live within a forest of black alder trees which is how they got their name.

Koda is the alpha male of Black Alder Pack.  He has white pearl markings on his head, neck, tail and legs.  Koda is a tough and strong wolf.  He's a danger to his enemies for he'll using fighting tactics he picked up from other predators and even from watching some humans.  He's swift of foot, has high stamina and endurance and silent when he moves.  Koda is only friendly to his pack mates, and his allies.  To everyone else he appears hostile and cruel but Koda has a good heart.

Rohan is from Black Alder Pack but was taken away at six months old by Thunder and is now a part of Zodiac Pack.  He's Mushu's cousin. Rohan's parents died defending him from Thunder and the only family he has left is a brother and Mushu.  Rohan has given up hope of ever returning to Black Alder Pack and has resigned himself to live out the rest of his days in Zodiac Pack under the watchful eyes of Zoomer and Thunder.  Rohan is timid and fearful due to daily beatings by Thunder who takes pleasure in hurting him, is mute and blind in his left eye. Despite everything  he has been through Rohan is kind.

Nouget is an omega from Black Alder Pack.  As you can see his ears are torn and he's missing his tail which was severed by a member of the Elemental Wolves pack after wandering into the territory and leading humans there accidentally.  He has a large wound on his side which exposes his ribs which hasn't healed and a shackle of with a broken chain on his ankle thanks to getting caught by omegas.  This poor guy has suffered quite a lot of abuse and is timid and skittish of everything around him.     

Mountain Pack

This is Crimson, the alpha of the Mountain Pack.  The Mountain Pack lives near the Blood Mountains and are allies with the River Pack. Crimson is a strong alpha and makes sure his pack is taken care of. They have had an alliance with the River Pack since the time the packs were founded fifty years ago. 

Hekate is the omega female of Mountain Pack.  Both her ears were torn off, rendering her deaf, as a pup when she encountered a rogue wolf while exploring away from her mother's den.   Hekate has obsidian fur with yellow eyes, four white socks and a white skull cap on her head. Because of her appearance, she is often shunned by others of her pack yet was lucky to escape the attack by the rogue with just her ears torn off.  Unable to do anything of importance for the pack, she was rendered omega by Crimson when he took over the pack and tends to remain within the pack dens, scared to venture out alone for fear of being attacked again by the same rogue.   She is generally quiet, making other wolves forget she is there until she shows up for food and associates mainly with the pups and other omegas of the pack.  Despite all of this, she is a gentle wolf who does what she can to pull her weight for fear of being tossed out.

Frozen Arrow Pack

Moonfell is the alpha of the Frozen Arrow Pack which is the northernmost pack in the World.  The Frozen Arrow Pack is one of two packs that are the most isolated which allows them to be safe from man and other wolf packs as well as most predators. Moonfell was born on the Winter Solstice and that is how he got his name.  He wears four bands around his legs which mark him as the alpha.  Moonfell is a tough wolf and should not be underestimated by other packs.  He is rough on the outside but he has a gentle and kind heart on the inside.

Silver Dawn Pack

Xenon is the alpha of Silver Dawn Pack.  The Silver Dawn Pack lives in the desert.  The winged feathers on their feet suggest they may have connections to the Sky Wolves but nobody is really sure of their origins.  The wolves of the Silver Dawn Pack are evolved to survive in the desert.  Xenon is a fair and just alpha but can be a fierce opponent in battle.  

Carbon is the beta male of Silver Dawn Pack.  He has a white legend marking along his left side and his eyes are gray while his fur is brown. Carbon is a wolf who takes his job as beta seriously and will use force if needed to keep the pack in line.  He is a trustworthy wolf and a capable fighter with leadership qualities.  Carbon is loyal to his alpha and the pack.  He was born into the pack and his father was beta before him to the previous alpha.  Despite taking his job seriously, Carbon is also compassionate towards injured wolves and will occasionally help out with healing the injured.  

Daisy is the omega female of Silver Dawn Pack.  She has a few scars on both sides of her body from being bullied by her pack mates.  Daisy is usually by herself on the fringes of the pack or with her mate.  She is a quiet wolf who is happy to help out the members of the higher ranks.  As an omega, she is generally ignored by the other members and often bullied by them but she doesn't let that get her down.  That's just the way things work in the packs of the World.  Daisy gained her rank by being born as the only female in the pack in a decade.   

Ash Falls Pack

Yamazaki's face is protected by a skull. He is identifiable by the yellow and brown striped leggings and the red bandana around his neck.  The Ash Falls pack live near three waterfalls surrounded by Ash trees. The Ash Falls pack is the most mysterious of the sixteen packs of the World.   Yamazaki is an odd wolf and his face was burned on the left side which is partly why he wears the skull so other wolves outside his pack will not see his scar.  This pack tends to be shunned by the other packs of the World due to their mysterious and secretive ways.  Yamazaki, despite being odd, is a proud wolf and a fierce protector of ideals.  He is protective of his pack and a tough but fair alpha.

Cedar Swamp Pack

Zen is the alpha of the Cedar Swamp Pack. They live near and in a swamp surrounded by cedar trees and are allies with the Black Alder pack. Zen is identifiable by the bandana around his neck and his odd coloring.  As a pup he was shunned by his old pack and kicked out. He wandered the World, met his mate and started a pack near the Cedar Swamp.   Other wolves who were shunned for being blind or other reasons were welcomed into the Cedar Swamp pack which is also where it's nickname 'the outcasts' comes from.  Zen is a wolf haunted by his past but he does his best to push that aside and be a leader his pack will be proud of.  Out of the sixteen packs of the World, the Cedar Swamp pack is perhaps closest in understanding to the Ash Falls Pack despite not being allies.

Cove Pack

The Cove Pack lives near Howling Cove.

Damu is the alpha of the Cove Pack and has quite a few scars from defending his territory and place as alpha.  The Cove Pack live near Howling Cove  and are all identifiable by their white markings.  Damu was once part of an extinct pack but was kicked out when he tried to get the pups and elders higher positions to eat.  He was beaten badly by the other members of his pack and was left to die in the wilderness.  Despite his wounds, Damu somehow survived and made his way to Howling Cove where he created the Cove Pack, collecting other banished wolves and allowing along the way and then fought to prove his position as alpha with all the other males.  He cares deeply for his pack and pups and elders eat before he  and the other wolves of his pack do.  

Vex is the beta male in Cove Pack.  He is a fierce fighter, intelligent, observant but can be stubborn and is not really friendly which leaves him with few friends.  Vex came to Cove Pack with his blind sister one spring day.  He is very devoted to the alphas, his sister and his mate.  Vex likes to run and enjoys the night when he can be alone.  He does not like wolves who play pranks that endanger the pack and has a loathing for humans due to their small family was poisoned by a village one winter when he and Sakura were pups.  

Yin is the Beta Female of Cove Pack and the mate to Vex.   She has dark gray fur, indigo eyes, white gloves on her legs, two white slashes on her cheek, and a black Aussie stripe down her muzzle.  Yin is a compassionate wolf, able to make friends easily due to her gentle and friendly demeanor yet she is also devoted to her family and mate.  Of average size, she is still able to hold her own in a fight and won't hesitate to punish or kill anyone if she is ordered to do so by Crimson or if her family is in danger.   The twin sister to Yang and aunt to Reuben and Marble, she cares deeply for her family and woe to the wolf who dares harm any of her family members for they will feel her teeth and her claws with all the force and strength she can muster. 

Yang is a member of Cove Pack.  He has white gloves on his legs like all members of Cove Pack, orange eyes, obsidian fur, big white claws, a white GSD marking on his neck, two white slashes on his cheek, and three soot markings on his muzzle.   His twin sister, Yin, is the Beta Female of Cove Pack.  Although his sister is of a higher rank than Yang, he is very protective of her.  Yang is a serious and loyal wolf to the pack who risk his life to protect those he loves.  He has two sons, Marble and Reuben, who were left with him as they were smaller than their older siblings, their mother leaving the pack after meeting an old friend.   Because of the betrayal of his mate, he rarely speaks of her and struggles to be a good father to his pups.  It is unknown if he will ever find it in his heart to take a chance with another mate but for now it seems unlikely as he focuses on his family.  Yang is a loyal member to his pack and alpha, following orders without question though he is always uncomfortable having to listen to his little sister.  

Reuben was born into a litter of four, two brothers and one sister.   When Reuben was born, his mother met an old lover and decided to take his sister and stronger brother with her, leaving Reuben and Marble under the care of their father Yang.   Reuben and Marble were weak pups when they were born but the two siblings are really close to each other.  They only know their mother's name and siblings' name, their mother is Chrysanthea, their older brother is Diablo, and their sister is Song.   Reuben has obsidian fur like his father, white glove markings and two white slashes on his cheek with big claws like his father.  His eyes are yellow and he has silver fur tipped ears and silver GSD eye markings, the silver fur being from his mother.  Reuben likes to chase small animals and other pups.  He is generally a mellow and laid back pup who also likes exploring the world around him, being curious about everything he sees.  

Hibiscus Pack

Burdock is the alpha male of Hibiscus Pack.  The Hibiscus Pack on a series of islands and is the southernmost pack in the World.   They live on the largest island with a large freshwater lake two miles away and an island of hibiscus flowers growing in the middle of the lake.  Burdock has a scar on his left cheek from when he was a pup and got attacked by a rogue wolf and four white stripes on rump along with long white claws.  Burdock is a patient alpha who is calm, patient, intelligent and likes pups.  He was from a pack that no longer exist in The World called the Eternal Stars and settled in the area one winter.  When the snow melted it revealed the beautiful flower field and that is how the pack got its name.

Spirit Pack

The Spirit Pack are allies to Zodiac Pack.  They are enemies to Moonstone Pack, Stone Clan, and Eclipse Pack.  Despite being an enemy pack, they are the most spiritual of all the packs in the World.  

Mac is the alpha of Spirit Pack.  He has light brown fur and amber eyes.  He is a strong fighter and wise leader.  Spirit Pack was named they are the most faith-tuned wolves in the World, following the spirits of their ancestors for guidance and advice.  Mac does his best to lead his pack through any and all hardships with the guidance of his ancestors.  He is a tough and stern wolf but he is always willing to listen to his pack when they voice concerns or have questions.  Mac acts as a father to all the members of his pack and respects their opinions, even of the omegas and for that his pack respects him.