Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.

One day there was a loud sound that shattered the peacefulness of the misty morning.  Bucktooth ran onto his balcony and stared into the distance.  “Rusty.  Take me up so I can see what’s going on!”  Bucktooth called to the hawk floating above him.

            Rusty flew down and Bucktooth jumped onto Rusty’s back.  Then Rusty flapped hard to gain altitude and soared above the trees.  They heard a shot and saw a pillar of smoke rising into the air. Then with a screech of fear, Rusty tucked his wings to his sides and dived down to the forest floor.  Bucktooth slid down as Rusty alighted on the ground.  By this time a crowd of unicorns and elves had gathered in a circle.

“What did you see up there Rusty?” A unicorn named Gust asked.  Rusty didn’t say anything.  Gust turned his head to Bucktooth, his mane swirling about his neck.  “Bucktooth?

            “We heard a sound from man’s fire stick.  But I couldn’t see what it was. Perhaps something is hurt.”

            “Maybe we should go look for it.”  Gust suggested.  “After all it is our law. Help any creature wounded by man.”

            “Why should we risk our necks for something we have not seen?  For all we know it is just a trick man is playing in order to see what will come to investigate.  I am far superior than any ordinary creature!”  A voice said.

Everyone looked around as a tiger appeared in their midst.  It was Slash, the tiger.  He growled in fury as he stared at Bucktooth and Rusty.  Slash was jealous that he had not been granted magical powers and the thought of some unicorns and elves bringing another poor creature into Twilight Wood and giving that animal power angered Slash.

            “I agree with Slash.”  Nantucket, a three year old unicorn, said.

            “Slash who are you to speak of who is more deserving of power or not?  It is the law of Twilight Wood to help any creature wounded by man.  To help any creature in need. Besides who are you to speak of superiority? You who kills creatures for pleasure and not just for food.  You who risks all our lives by killing man’s livestock?”

With those words Gust, Bucktooth and some others composed of unicorns and elves began the week long journey south to where Bucktooth and Rusty had seen the smoke.  Bucktooth and the other elves rode on the unicorns.  The journey was slow as they had to travel at night in order to stay out of sight of man.  For if man caught the unicorns or the elves they would be put in cages and be forced to stand on display, grant wishes and do magic for man.