Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.

Over the past week Crystal had noticed that Fatimah and Jameelah did the cooking and housekeeping.  She felt a sense of pity for Fatimah and Jameelah. It's not fair, she thought to herself.  Why do Muslim women have to act like slaves for men?

"Crystal when you finish what you’re eating please help Jameelah and Fatimah put the food in the refrigerator. We'll wait for you."  With that Isa and the boys got up and laid out the prayer rugs.

"Fatimah?" Crystal asked.


"Why doesn't your husband and sons help you and Jameelah around the house?"

"They help during Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha.  Islam a man provides for his family.  Women don't have to work or contribute to the household income.  The least thing a woman can do is take care of the home and children.  A woman's nature is better suited to being a wife and mother.  Plus a man is paid more than women are and can do more jobs than women can.  My sons help out on occasion.  They'll go get groceries if Isa is at work.  If something were to happen to me or Isa Anwar would be in charge of taking care of his brothers and sister.  If Jameelah wanted to get married Anwar would be responsible for checking out the man's background and history as well as the history of his family before Jameelah could get married."