Snowdale Snowdale Cravith Taiga A different world, known only by the name Cravith Taiga that was given to it by an explorer named Cravith Falwood, who spotted the area from a ship within the ocean. A forest, tundra and mountains make up the area and it is always covered in snow. A frozen and barren landscape. One ice-covered lake sits in the middle. Get lost in here and you'll die. 205213114 Tubina Cast on the base of a tundra, the hamlet of Tubina is home to pirates, Werebears and Kuvinean lead by Captain Faley. This hamlet wasn't built by a tundra by accident, as it has precious gems and natural defenses, which is of great importance to the people of Tubina and its success. The hamlet itself looks luxuriant. With its elm wood rooftops, pine wood walls and aromatic flowers, Tubina has a charming atmosphere. The main attraction is the watermill, which was built 31 years ago and designed by humans. Tubina has a breaking economy, which is mainly supported by war, tailoring and leatherworking. But their biggest strengths are refined carpenting and rare herbalism. However, Tubina lacks people skilled in mining. 205213115 Northwind The village was found by explorer Cravith Falwood only twenty years ago within the realm but the alpine village's history and culture remains unknown to the majority of the denizens of Snowdale. The people of this village remain reclusive and it is said in early documents by the explorer that found the town that clusters of large antlered deer with shaggy coats are kept within pens around the village. 205366816 Arcton A small alpine village which is the closest civilization to Fearless Birds Inn. 205366817 Bredon A small village. 205366854 Greenbrier A small quaint village set with the backdrop of forest and mountains, it is peaceful and the people tend to be friendly, gladly helping strangers and travelers. It isn't uncommon to find oneself spending the night at a resident's home before continuing on their journey. There are few shops within the village, they mainly depend upon traders and travelers to bring news and things they do need in the warmer months but come winter they are usually cut off from the outside world by the winds and snow. 205366818 Banurb Mountains Banurb Mountains are some of the most beautiful within Snowdale. In the winter they are treacherous to cross, the small villages that dot the mountains are often cut off from others in winter but in the warmer months, the mountains are alive with animal life. Apex predators such as Cave Bears and Cave Lions can be found here as well as Haast Eagles. Pronounced "Ban-orb" 205366819 Kaladorei The city has beautiful sunsets and the people can reach the other side of the city by walking over the aqueducts but in floods or heavy rains the aqueducts are overflowing and one has to row across by boat. It is rumored that the city was built atop another city long ago and this hidden city serves as a refuge in case of invaders. Kaldorei has temples devoted to every god and goddess of Xaythea, the people themselves being scientists, medics and scholars. They have the largest library within the realm as well and a fine university where people come from all over. Established inside a river, the settlement of Kaladorei is home to high elves lead by Ruler Wyninn. It is the cultural capital of Xaythea and people from all over come to study within their academies. This settlement wasn't built by a river by accident, as it has ancient, lost technologies, which is of great importance to the people of Kaladorei and its success. The settlement itself looks rough. With its metal shingle rooftops, dark wooden walls and scavenger birds, Kaladorei has a unearthly atmosphere. The main attraction is the lumber mill, which was built 53 years ago and designed by humans. Kaladorei has a tormented economy, which is mainly supported by herbalism, alchemy and medicine. But their biggest strengths are gorgeous leatherworking and ancient wine brewing techniques. However, Kaladorei lacks people skilled in carpenting. 205366881 Vlisot Gorge A long and narrow gorge, passing through steep mountains. At the end of the gorge lies Sagos. 205366882 Sagos The third largest city, it lies within the mountains. Surrounding the city are small villages. It lies at the end of Vlisot Gorge. 205366888 Penrith A town within the mountains. 205366889 Stawford The first sign that one is entering the mountains. Stawford is a small and peaceful community who will guide travelers for a price. 205366887 Fearless Birds Inn An inn nestled in a mountain valley that holds a tavern on the bottom floor and a stable for horses. Located in the northeast, it is a three day journey from the closest village. There is a cow that supplies fresh milk and butter along with a horse which belong to the owner. A small cottage lies near where the owner of the inn lives. 205367946 Nulbuldohr A dwarven city located in the Banurb Mountains and a week's journey from Greenbrier. 205543167