Alondale Alondale Lejane Set on the right side of a valley, the town of Lejane is home to humans lead by Baron Falcon. This town wasn't built by a valley by accident, as it has a comfortable weather system, which is of great importance to the people of Lejane and its success. The town itself looks sublime. With its ceramic tile rooftops, tatchet walls and staircase of waterfalls, Lejane has a mystical atmosphere. The main attraction is the hotel, which was built 41 years ago and designed by trolls. Lejane has a poor economy, which is mainly supported by wood production, crafting and herbalism. But their biggest strengths are ancient wine brewing techniques and rare wood production. However, Lejane lacks people skilled in baking. 205372787 Mausoleum of Eshelnor Built 69 years ago and lying in the forested burg of Eshelnor within Alondale, it was designed and built by orcs and the burg's main attraction. The design of the building could be seen as resembling those of ancient Greek and Roman architecture on earth but more roughly hewn on the inside with pictures of stormy landscapes, pictures of the God of Death and pictures of battles. Torches and hanging candelabras within give a ghostly feeling, the floors themselves laid with wood from the forest while the walls are marble. 205373370 Exeter A medium-sized town, it lies in the central part of the land, close to Yodon. The residents often seek sanctuary within Yodon if under attack. The town itself looks imposing. With its shingle rooftops, blackwood walls and aromatic flowers, Exeter has a heavenly atmosphere. 205372790 Yondon The capital of Alondale, it lies in the center of the land. The city looks graceful. With its granite rooftops, slate tile and limestone walls and luscious gardens, Yondon has a magical atmosphere. The main attraction is the training grounds, which was built 42 years ago and designed by blood elves. 205372791 Grimcrest A town of 5,000 souls, it is known for its slave market of sentient non-human races and occasional human slave market. Located on the end of a cavern, the burg of Grimcrest is home to halflings. This burg wasn't built by a cavern by accident, it has healing properties. The burg looks unattractive. With its black wooden rooftops, worn limestone walls and thick smoke, it has a bizarre atmosphere. The main attraction is the market which was built 46 years ago and designed by humans. Has a developing economy which is mainly supported by animal training, beer brewing, and carpentry. Biggest strengths are prosperous mining and strong magicians. Lacks people skilled in leather working. 205372793 Awuxhull Designed on the southwestern side of Wailwill Ocean, the port city of Awuxhull is home to a mixed community. The city wasn't built by the ocean by accident, it has a broken and hidden library which has many rare and lost tomes as well as an ancient water source. The city itself looks ghastly. With its ironwood rooftops, faded granite walls and overgrown gardens, Awuxhull has a gloomy atmosphere. The main attraction is the cathedral which was built 60 years ago and designed by Dargmon. Awuxhull has a breaking economy which is mainly supported by alchemy, jewelcrafting, and armorsmithing. But their greatest strengths are ocean fishing and master engineering. However, Awuxhull lacks people skilled in farming. 205372792 Trizale Desert Covering 500,000 Square Miles, Trizale Desert is home to werewolves and Rakash with the large metropolis, Sokjin, that is home to werewolves. 205365143 Trizale Steppe Trizale Steppe lies to the south of Trizale Desert, covering 360,000 Square Miles. It is home to summer monsoons which tend to flood the entire area. 205365144 Shauding Forest Shauding Forest hides Favork yet it is also a place rich in herbs and animals.Young children often come to explore the village and one can often find temple workers, loggers and herbalists within though the temple workers try to remain unseen. The forest is a peaceful place to go when one is stressed and there are plenty of places to hide if one wants to get away for a while. It covers a good portion of the land for endless miles. Pronounced: "Shaw-ding" 205372799 Favork Favork is a hidden city within the forest. Reached by a bridge that spans over the river that runs by it, the city is set on cliffs on the other side. The people of this city are good with the bow and prefer to pick off their prey from the trees that they dwell within. The people here are deeply spiritual and the mountains are littered with caves where it is said there is an underground temple within one of the larger caves. Favork citizens are generally expert woodcrafters and hunters but they are distrusting of outsiders and secretive, keeping their ways and customs close to their hearts. 205373372 Mush Cliffs Steep white cliffs line the seaside to the east. A beach lies beneath the cliffs, the sides steep and the waters a turquoise-green color near the shore. This makes up the entire western coast. The sides are impossible to climb but there is a steep grassy path leading to and from the cliffs. They serve as a barrier to any tropical storms but the winds are harsh and cold, easily able to knock a traveler off their feet. 205372800 Por River Por River flows throughout the entire land. The surrounding banks are shrouded in dense vegetation as far as the eye can see. A variety of fish live within Por River and tropical birds and monkeys are a common slight. The river is tinged pink-orange when the sun is rising and setting. 205372819 Stanyb Swamp A large swamp where migrating herds traverse, the ground is saturated in water and boggy due to the rains that constantly fall. This is the wettest area of the territory, a permanent mist often hanging around the area and making it difficult to traverse. 205372820 Giblam Highlands A stretch of mountains between Grimcrest and Awuxhull. Calcherth lies at the base of these mountains. 205541621 Rutherglen A town of Orcs on Turtle Island, located on the tail end of the island. A mile and a half from the spawning beaches stretching along the tail and left hind limb of the island, they are very welcoming and is usually where visitors are housed during the week long Festival of Maglif. 205765664