Silent Lair

Enter the unknown and see what adventures await you.

The next morning he called the airline to cancel his flight ticket.  Maher went to breakfast in the hotel lobby and then decided to go out for a cup of coffee.  Walking through the streets of Alexandria he relaxed at the realization that he was home among other Arabs.  It was easier to practice Islam as a Muslim in the Arab world than in America.  Yet as he walked through the streets thoughts began to intrude on his mind.  He had heard of civil unrest in the Arab world and had begun to think that something would happen to make the Arabs in the Middle East and Northern Africa rise up and speak out against their oppressive governments.  The smile faded from his face as he thought of the women who would become widowed as a result of the bloodshed that would surely follow from the anti-freedom governments as they sought to retain control of their power and drive their people along like slaves. 

As Maher was lost in his thoughts he came to a poor section of Alexandria and saw for himself the trials of the widows who had lost husbands in previous wars and who had been murdered.  Maher began to think of taking another wife, possibly a widow or divorcee, in order to help her.  Even though American women were independent and could support themselves without a husband around, this was not the same for Arab women.  Many of these women hadnít had much schooling, if any at all and as a result did not have the skills to make it on their own.  It disgusted him how many women were left to suffer because it was taboo among the Arabs and Muslim people to marry a widow or divorcee woman.  Even the orphan girls who were of age often suffered due to culture taking priority instead of Islam.  If he was going to marry someone it would be a widow, divorcee or orphan girl and it would be to support her and any children she might have.  Polygamy was after all a right for men in Islam if they could afford more than one wife and why should Sabra stop him from something Allah had made lawful for the Muslim men if they were financially able to do so?