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My name is Ayisha Blevins.  My favorite hobbies are playing video games on my PS2 and PS3 though I also have Pokemon Stadium for Nintendo 64, writing naturally, reading, traveling, horseback riding, watching football (soccer to all my American readers), and I love nature.  I am into green living.  My favorite horse breeds are the Arabian and the Paint.   I am the proud author of two books, Silent Stalker which was published on March 19, 2007 when I was twenty years old and Locked In which was published September 19, 2011 when I was twenty-four years old.  I'm against animal and child abuse as well as being against child labor.  I believe that education is important for everybody around the world.   My football team is the Ghana Black Stars.  I am in an inter-racial cross cultural marriage; I am a white American and my husband is a black Saudi.  I've been writing since I was 12 years old and see it as a way to get my thoughts onto paper and a way to destress from life.  I write about things that I am interested in and that concern me as a person though I do center on religion as the forefront of my Little Muslim series and a few of my novels.  I absolutley LOVE astronomy and thus love watching "The Universe" on the History Channel.  I am a Muslim, converted October 1, 2006 and my religion is basically my entire identity and defines who I am.  I had a turbulent childhood full of abuse and neglect but that made me strong and shaped who I am and my morals and beliefs in life. 

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My two football websites of the Ghana Black Stars (Go GHANA!)- and is a travel website where you can book flights, cruises, vacation packages, hotels and cars.  Also check out as well.

For weather people check out this:  Used this link a lot during Geography 120 at The Ohio State University, Newark Campus during summer quarter.

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